Why is Mao Zedong to "engage at the atomic bomb" – Zhonghong Net

Why is Mao Zedong to "engage at the atomic bomb" – Zhonghong Net

Mao Zedong’s great military practice in his life is consistently emphasized, but it has never ignored the importance of advanced weapons. He has "you play the original bullets, I am grenzy" like this is the heroic mountain river, and there is a vision of "a little atomic bomb". This dialectical unity of revolutionary romantic spirit and rational and pragmatic attitude is Mao Zedong to despise the enemy and in the strategy. Tactics attach importance to the distinctiveness of the enemy, and he is also a historical written photo of his unremitting struggle to build a strong national defense.

  "There is no modern equipment, the army to defeat the imperialist is impossible." After the outbreak of the Korean War, Mao Zedong once used "You to play the original bullet, I gathered my grenade", motivate the national people and the volunteers to invite the enemy, heroic battle I show the heroic spirit of the Chinese people not afraid of strong enemy and dare to fight. However, as a superior military home with long-term wars, he also highlights the importance of weapons and equipment while encouraging morale. On June 28, 1950, Mao Zedong proposed to strengthen military preparation, especially if the Air Force should strengthen, he emphasized that "we have played a few decades, it is for the things on the head, there is no way to deal with it, but I have to die. , With courage, with sacrifice, today, today, there is a condition to be established.

Since then, Mao Zedong personally guides the consultation with the Soviet Union to strive for military materials assistance, especially to the Volunteers. After the anti-US aid, Mao Zedong increased the importance of modern weapons and equipment. In May 1951, he said when he was awarded the mission to the commander of the military delegation to the Soviet Union. of.

"He requested more technical projects to develop its own military production in addition to buying weapons and equipment. He pointed out in two telegrams on 21 June 1951:" In North Korea’s fight for eight months, The disgusting and eagerness of the enemy and eager to improve our military equipment. "" There is no modern equipment, it is impossible to overcome the imperialist army. "

On June 21, 1952, when he was talking to the country of the North Korean battlefield, Mao Zedong further pointed out that the Chinese people were not provoked, "If we have a modern weaponry and the cadres of advanced technology, It is not a problem with North Korea. With the improvement of the volunteer weaponry, the officers and men bravely fight, and the enemy offensive has been smashed many times. In a telegram of Mao Zedong, on December 16, 1952, "said this year’s autumn, I have achieved such a victory, except for the braveness of the officers, the work is strong, the supply is not short, the gunfire violent and shot is accurate It is a powerful element. "" We must not be bullied by others, there is no such thing "during the Korean War and the subsequent confession and border conflicts, imperialism has repeatedly rigging China.

In this regard, Mao Zedong emphasizes that "the United States atomic flavor, is scared to China", one side puts forward to resolutely develop atomic weapons, and made a strategic decision to develop atomic career on January 1555.

At its expansion meeting of the Politburo, the Politburo, the Central Military Commission on June 21, 1956, and Mao Zedong clearly pointed out the strategic significance of developing atom weapons. He said: "In today’s world, we must not be affected If people bully, they can’t do this.

"" There is no thing, people say you don’t count ", then we don’t work at an atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, intercontinental missile.

On November 2, 1963 in China atmosphere, Mao Zedong said confidently in meeting with Nepal, and now the world is changing. Several great powers should control the small country. "They deceive us no atomic bomb There is no nuclear weapon, industry is not developed. However, this will change, and it will change for decades. "

  Mao Zedong also starts from the dialectical materialist principle of material power to be destroyed by material power. It is emphasized that it is necessary to estimate that imperialism may be crazy, and the madman who wants to launch a war may drop the atomic bomb, so we also engage in atomic bombs, " It is likely to stop the war. "

On April 21, 1957, when I talked to the Old Bomb Problem with foreign guests, Mao Zedong explained this dialectical thinking from the perspective of strength balance, and he pointed out: "No one has no atomic bomb is a policy, they have, we also have a Chinese policy Only one country is a policy.

"At the Standing Committee of the Politburo, the Standing Committee of the Politburo, the first atomic bomb, the first atomic bomb, Mao Zedong’s judgment may strive for ten years and time, because" more ten years, atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, the missiles, we all come out, The world war can’t be caught. "In addition, Mao Zedong also proposed an important thinking of self-reliance to engage in cutting-edge technology.

In the early 1960s, the Soviet Union withdrew all experts in our country’s science and technology industry, took away important drawings, and stopped providing urgent equipment, key components and important materials. In this regard, Mao Zedong pointed out: "Be will determined to engage in cutting-edge technology. Herrushham does not give us cutting-edge technology, excellent! If it is given, this account is very difficult.

"At this time, China’s economic construction has also begun to encounter a lot of difficulties. Under such conditions, Mao Zedong has made instructions from June and November 1962:" Testing the research trial system for cutting-edge weapons, it should not be relaxed. Or next horse. "" Be strong to work with this work. "

"Under the strong leadership of Mao Zedong and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, my country’s missile, atomic bomb, etc. have successfully developed successfully, which greatly improved the ability of the war, and greatly enhanced China’s international status.

  We use the atomic bomb as a defensive weapon Mao Zedong that the atomic bombs are both paper tigers, and the true tigers. Its huge damage will bring serious losses to the people, so we firmly oppose the saladen bullet.

On January 9, 1965, Mao Zedong said: "It is a paper tiger that Mao Zedong said:" It’s really going to be dead. " Still also expressed again on November 12, 1973: "I don’t agree with the fight against the original bullet. I don’t agree.

"In view of this, Mao Zedong has proposed a comprehensive prohibition of atomic weapons. On September 24, 1961, Mao Zedong talked about the view of nuclear weapons, Mao Zedong raised its agreement as a protocol, which did not reach an agreement like it is forbidden to reach an agreement without using nuclear weapons. Strategic idea. After several budget on July 25, 1963, the Chinese government said that the Chinese government pointed out that in the statement on July 31, it was pointed out that this is "a big foolish people. Constitution and recommend all countries to comprehensively ban and completely destroy nuclear weapons.

XI Jinping concentreerde zich op de eerste keer, "vier uitgebreide" verklaarde het bestuur van de nieuwe lay-out van het land

XI Jinping concentreerde zich op de eerste keer, "vier uitgebreide" verklaarde het bestuur van de nieuwe lay-out van het land

China Communistische Party Netwerk Beijing 3 februari (Zhu Shuyuan) 2 februari in de speech bij de openingsceremonie, de logische relatie van "vier uitgebreide" strategische lay-outs werd geconcentreerd, veroorzaakte de hete bespreking van de aandacht van alle lagen van het leven.

In dit opzicht interviewde de verslaggever Xiao Yaoyong, hoogleraar van het National Institute.

Xu Yaoyong-analyse is van mening dat dit de eerste keer is dat Xi Jinping zich op het eerste moment in formele spraak heeft gericht, en een nieuwe lay-out is geworden van de feestcentra van Taoji als algemene secretaresse. Elk "uitgebreid" heeft een belangrijke strategische betekenis Xi Jinping wees op in de openingsceremonie. Sinds het 18e nationale congres van de partij heeft het Partij Centraal Comité een uitgebreide constructie van een goed-off-samenleving op een hele ronde manier gemaakt enorm 18e Nationaal Congres van de Partij. Hervorming, beheerde het land volledig volgens de wet, en registreer de strategische lay-out van de partij.

Hij sprak over deze strategische lading, zowel strategische doelen en strategische initiatieven, elk "uitgebreid" heeft een grote strategische betekenis.

Xi Jinping wees erop dat wanneer de relatie tussen de vier, Xi Jinping wees erop gewezen dat de uitgebreide constructie van een goed-off-samenleving ons strategisch doel is, volledig verdiept van de hervorming, en volledig controleert op het land volgens de wet, en volledig van striktheid behandeling van de partij drie strategische initiatieven. Het is noodzakelijk om de volledige nationale strategische lay-out te begrijpen in de "vier uitgebreide" strategische lay-outs, begrijpt de relatie tussen de drie "uitgebreide", en streven ernaar om te bereiken "vier uitgebreide" aanvullende elkaar, promoot elkaar, en aanvulling elkaar.

In de formele gelegenheid van de kwestie van het land van het land, werd de nieuwe lay-out van het bestuursland openbaar gemeld, Xi Jinping zal eerst "vier uitgebreid" en genoemd in december vorig jaar tijdens het onderzoek naar de provincie Jiangsu. Hij benadrukte dat "co?rdinatie en het bevorderen van een ruime samenleving een goed van de samenleving, volledig verdiept van de hervorming, en volledig bevordert de bepaling van het land, strikt de partij, het bevorderen van hervormingen en het openen en een socialistische modernisering," drie "drie uitgebreide" "Uitgebreide strenge bestuur van het feest".

Professor Xu Yaoyong, een hoogleraar van het National Institute, zei in een interview met deze website, en de "vier uitgebreide" zijn diep bedoeld. Xu Yaoyong zei dat een jaar in het voorjaar is. Aan het begin van de provinciale en ministeri?le toonaangevende kaders zijn de centrale leiders en "Fengqi Dabu" gehouden en het leren en de training is consensus geworden een praktijk om het centrale feest te worden geworden Comité voor algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping. De nieuwe lay-out van de affiniteit "is ten strengste gelaat het feest" is een pennen van het oog, "vier uitgebreid" hebben de "vier uitgebreide" uitgeroepen tot een nieuwe lay-out van de partijcentra van de partij van Taoji als de algemene secretaresse.

Het bouwen van een goed-off-samenleving op een hele ronde manier is het recente doel van het hele land; uitgebreide verdiepingsvorming is een fundamentele kracht van onze promotie in een uitgebreide implementatie van goed-off-doelen; dit is de pen van het oog, de pen van God. Als er geen pen is, kunt u het niet bereiken. Het zit allemaal in deze pen. Xu Yaoyong zei: "Vier uitgebreid" is een secretaris-secretaris van Xi Jinping voor meer dan twee jaar, en het is goed attent.

Het feest van Xi Jinping’s Party, het feest van de partij, het feest van de partij, het feest van de partij, het land, dat erg onderscheidend is voor het hele land, en praat meer over "Besturende het land" meer olifanten dan de generaals.

"Uitgebreide" twee woorden worden weerspiegeld in de opening, het faciliteren van de constructie van een goed-off-samenleving, waardoor de hervorming wordt verdiept, het land bestuurd, en strikt de partij regelen als de belangrijke franchificatie van het land als een regel van het land, is bijgevoegd belang voor de vorige centraliser.

Waarom zou Xi Jinping’s New Party Central Committee in de algemene secretaris het woord ‘uitgebreid’, en benadrukken de benadrukken van de ‘vier uitgebreide’ elkaar, promoten elkaar, en vul elkaar aan? Xu Yaotong gelooft dat de reden waarom deze governance "uitgebreid" is, één aspect is een continu?teit, en is de laatste puls van het verleden, de route, wat aangeeft dat het Collectieve Collectieve Collectieve Leiderschap van de New Party het verleden niet kookt; op de Andere hand "uitgebreid" is geen licht geschreven en er is geen.

"Uitgebreid" is om de dekking te bedekken, het is onmogelijk om een ??dode hoek te verlaten, de plaats waar je de kracht van kracht niet kunt bereiken en versterken. Deze twee woorden zijn erg verfijnd, geven mensen moed en vertrouwen, en boost.

Xu Yaoyong zei: "De twee woorden hier zijn erg nodig, wat aangeeft dat we in een nieuw startpunt zijn om een ??nieuw patroon te maken."

Wenzhou Lucheng Sixty-two people have a news spokesperson

Wenzhou Lucheng Sixty-two people have a news spokesperson

Original title: Lucheng sixty-two people have spokesperson on December 16th, Wenzhou Lucheng District private enterprise AUNTN Press spokesperson Zheng opened a business in Wenxin Yuhua Tourism Project.

"Integrating into tourism and non-legacy, implementing the Merchants Travel Fusion Model" "The new selling point for foreign publicity is elected, and it is often possible to bring a half-time effect."

Today, more and more news spokespersons like Zheng have been active in various private enterprises in Lucheng District.

They mainly come from enterprises, through systematic professional training organized by the district committee, to carry out image propaganda, product promotion, public relations and other activities, so that many private companies have "do not speak" "Do not speak" to "brave" "Be good at vocal".

At present, 62 private enterprises have had their own spokespersons. "We have the guidance of journalism experts, both familiar with the law of communication, and also increased the ability of public opinion.

"Kangnai Group spokesperson Cai Hairong said. He released a new product through the in-depth excavation product selling points, using the help of the e-commerce platform, the new media and the private enterprises, including the private enterprise, including the private enterprises, including the private enterprises, etc.," Compared to the past Invite the stars, rental venues, and arrange the stage, etc. "The person in charge of the Corne Group is very happy.

For private enterprises in need, Lucheng District also specializes in political staff to serve as a spokesman assistant. According to the pairing in the jurisdiction, the "Three Services" Commissioner Ye Jiefei became the general manager of Wenzhou Huamei Garment Accessories Co., Ltd., the assistant of spokesperson. With Ye Jiefei’s help guidance, Zhang Mi, who has been nervous in the past, has been very familiar with the public. While doing a good job in the normal training of private enterprise news spokespersons, Lucheng District also actively helped enterprises to build Weibo, WeChat, microsight, website "three micro-1 network" new media platforms, further broadening corporate propaganda channels. (Editor: Wang Lizhen, Zhang Liwei).

Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetlands – Lost Take the Shabu Draw Article China National Geographic Network

Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetlands – Lost Take the Shabu Draw Article China National Geographic Network

In the south of my country, there is a wetland-Jiangsu Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetland, but also the largest coastal wetland in the world, but also the largest radiation Sand Asian in the world. On the 580-kilometer coastline, it includes the beach, lake, river, swamp, giant deposition landform, which is especially unique to the sandstorms here, the huge Sandian group like a sea giant fan, while deposited sludge and landing sand If the troops are sneaked, such as the towering big tree and the sea forest, magical magnificent, like a dream – different from most of the places on the earth, the South Huanghai Sharan is mainly distributed in the tide band. Have a high tide for the sea, and the landscape is exquisite for the giant.

On July 5, 2019, Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetland (the declaration name is "China Huang (Bo) Hallover Bird Habitat (Phase I)") is included in the World Natural Heritage List.

) Really I can’t be more beautiful than this, more exciting picture. Almost every grade is shining, Ying Ying Ying Ying, the indifferent indifferent, but also as if it is a nutrition in the sea salt, but also highlights unlimited vitality. There is no diligent care here, but every picture naturally formed by the Shazhou group is inextricably sighted. Shatbia painted by the tide, you must see it. It is a good life, or swaying the world’s vicissitudes, or smiles warm sunshine. A wonderful pattern, flower wood forest, mountain river, grassland desert, sun and moon, fruit tree flying bird, the world seems to be all in it.

When the artistic picture is warm and unrestrained, "scatter" is filled with a beautiful scenery. Moreover, it will instantly change in the fairy tid, such as the fantasy world in the fairy tale, and seems to be a dynamic montage effect. How can it be amazed in the face of nature? .

Winter Olympische Voetstappen Sonore (Wanghailou)

Winter Olympische Voetstappen Sonore (Wanghailou)

  4 januari, General Secretary Xi Jinping Bezoeken de 2022 Winter Olympische Spelen in Beijing, benadrukte dat het organiseren van racebereiding World Winter Paralympics, Succesvolle Peking Olympische Winterspelen, Winter Paralympic Games, hebben we een plechtige toewijding aan de internationale gemeenschap. Na verschillende jaren van hard werken zijn alle voorbereidingen in principe klaar, we hebben volledig vertrouwen en hebben we het vermogen om een ??prachtig, onhandig, uitstekend Olympisch evenement voor de wereld te wijden.

  Sinds 2017, de General Secretary Xi Jinping Five Field Trips Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympics, Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou Three Arenas hebben zijn voetafdrukken achtergelaten.

Voor de Olympische Winterspelen, Winter Paralympics, hecht de algemene secretarecht veel belang aan persoonlijk te duwen. China’s Winter Olympics Footstaps, Go Resonate Powerfully.

  Dit is een prachtig pad om de bouw van China te bevorderen. In het verleden Desolate Valley Chongli Ancient Poplar, "Ice Yuhuan" droeg "sneeuw wishful."

National SpeedSkating Hall "Ice Ribbon" Ambilight, chimed in met "vogelnest" en "Water Cube" …… Beijing Olympische Winterspellen Competitiefaciliteiten Niet alleen in Chinese elementen, demonstreren de unieke charme van de Chinese cultuur, betaal meer aandacht Naar de uitgebreide gebruik en koolstofarme energiebesparing, uitstekende wetenschap en technologie, intelligentie, groen, zuinig karakter.

Ice SpeedSkating Hall De toonaangevende technologielanden van de wereld, om low-carbon, nulemissies te bereiken; Zhang Noordwind, zonne-energie en andere groene stroomproductie-ingangen Beijing, "Beijing verlichte lampen", de Olympische locaties van de winter om 100% schone energievoorziening te bereiken . China zal de ontwikkeling van sporten bevorderen met een combinatie van ecologische beschaving, "Guanghui is de gouden en zilveren mijnen," het idee om een ??levendige interpretatie te verkrijgen bij het organiseren van de Olympische Winterspelen. Dit is om de constructie van de voetafdruk van de sportkracht te bevorderen. Zoals de gastheer, China niet alleen om de Olympische Winterspelen, Winter Paralympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games, te runnen en te streven om goede resultaten te bereiken. Winter Olympische Spelen organiseren, dus veel sneeuw- en ijsprojecten in China om een ??kras te behalen, sommige projecten bereikten sommige projecten zelfs het geavanceerde niveau van de wereld, hebben de mogelijkheid om gouden en zilveren medailles te winnen in de Olympische Winterspelen, en geleidelijk omkeren van de "zwakke winter en sterk zomer. "" Sterke sneeuw, ijszwakke "situatie.

Sneeuwsportwetenschap en -technologie R & D vruchtbaar, bieden sterke ondersteuning voor concurrerende sporten om grotere doorbraak te bereiken. Momenteel grijpen sneeuw- en ijssporters de eindbereidingen in om zich te concentreren op de kritieke periode van training, concurrentietoestand om het beste aan de aankomst van de concurrentie te voldoen. Sneeuwsporters zullen zijn "het leven kan een paar back slag hebben," de Geest, de Geest en toont het concurrentieniveau van het nieuwe tijdperk van Chinese atleten in de Olympische Spelen, en streven naar de concurrentie, moreel, we moeten het beste nemen Medaille stijl.

  Dit is om de gezondheid van de Chinese bouwvoetafdruk te bevorderen. Verbeter de gezondheid van mensen, bescherm de gezondheid van mensen, is een belangrijk aspect van het opbouwen van een modern socialistisch land. Winter Olympische Spelen om te organiseren "om 300 miljoen mensen mee te nemen die deelnemen aan sneeuwsporten," heeft China een belangrijke bijdrage geleverd aan de ontwikkeling van sport in de wereld van ijs en sneeuw.

In de loop der jaren heeft het Beijing-bod om de Olympische Winterspelen te hosten, het hele proces van organiseren, de Chinese wintersport "South West Expanding Exhibition East", meer en meer Chinezen werden verliefd op Snow Sports, voorop in het schema " 300 miljoen mensen die betrokken zijn bij sneeuw- en ijsdoelbeweging ".

China ontwikkelde en implementeerde een strategisch plan voor Peking Olympic Winter Games Legacy, actief plannen van de locaties van de winterspellen na de spellen, de National SpeedSkating Hall, Shougang Grote Ski Jumping, Alpine Ski-centra, de nationale wintersame-locaties na het spel zal goed worden Plaats voor de fitness massa’s, het is een populaire wintersportschijnen. Dit is om de ontwikkeling te bevorderen en de voetafdruk van China te openen. Peking Olympic Winterspellen die zich houden aan de wereld, geconfronteerd met de toekomst en modernisering, de Olympics-boosters van de winter worden China’s opening.

Winter Olympics organiseren zowel Chinese eer hun toezeggingen, en constant zelfverbetering, het proces van snelle ontwikkeling, China is om oplossingen te bieden voor de wereld, China Chinese wijsheid en bijdrageproces.

Met succes organiseerde de Peking Olympische Winterspelen, Winter Paralympic die bevorderlijk is om onze staat en natie de menselijke gemeenschap te presenteren, doet er alles aan om het lot van de zon te bevorderen, voorspoedig een goed beeld te openen, het begrip en het bewustzijn van de volkeren van China te bevorderen. Met het bewegende verhaal van de winterspelen en het China-verhaal, zal het volgende spannende, buitengewone, opmerkelijke voor de Olympische Spelen internationaal worden gepresenteerd. Beijing is klaar! Samen naar de toekomst van de wereld! (De auteur is de krant Commentator) (Editor: Bai Yu, Li Clan) delen om meer mensen te laten zien.

Wat zijn de drie historische taken van de Chinese Communistische Party New Centy?

Wat zijn de drie historische taken van de Chinese Communistische Party New Centy?

  Jiang Zemin wees erop in de 80ste verjaardag van de oprichting van de partij: "In de nieuwe eeuw, blijft het bevorderen van modernisering, het voltooien van de hereniging van het moederland, het veiligstellen van de wereldvrede en het bevorderen van gemeenschappelijke ontwikkeling, is een belangrijke historische taak van onze partij Schouder. "Internationaal en binnenlands politiek, economisch, militair, wetenschappelijk en cultureel, en de cultuur is aan de gang, die onze partij nodig heeft om de richting van de ontwikkeling van de voortgang van de wereld, eenheid en leidt de mensen van alle etnische groepen in de land om kansen te grijpen, uitdagingen te ontmoeten en de drie historische taken te winnen.

Om deze drie historische taken te bereiken, is de sleutel om de "Drie representatieve" vereisten onherstelbaar te implementeren.De eisen "Drie vertegenwoordigen" zijn de basis van onze partij, de heersende basis en de bron van kracht. Het is de nieuwe eeuw om de constructie van de partij te bevorderen, continu bevordering van theoretische innovatie, systeeminnovatie en technologie-innovatie, en continu het vastleggen van de constructie van Chinese kenmerken. De fundamentele vereisten voor nieuwe overwinningen van theoretische bedrijven.

(China Communistische Partij van China, Party School, Party School).

Wang Mazi, second-level researcher, second-level researcher in Zunyi City, accepts discipline review and supervision

Wang Mazi, second-level researcher, second-level researcher in Zunyi City, accepts discipline review and supervision

Wang Mazi, the second-level researcher of Zunyi Municipal Archives, was suspected of serious violations, and was appointed by the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, which is currently accepting the discipline review and supervision of the Southern China Commission for Discipline Inspection. Wang Maoji resume Wang Mazi, male, Han nationality, born in November 1966, Guizhou Xiyu, University degree, participated in the work in August 1988, joined the Communist Party of China in February 1994. From August 1988 to May 1994, a worker, assistant economist and a member of the Taxation Bureau of Taxi County, Guizhou Province; May 1994 to October 2001, he served as a Shuishi County Committee of Guizhou Province, a comprehensive department Long, Deputy Director, Director, Director of the Party Committee of the People’s Township; October 2001, December 2018, served as the Standing Committee of the Xishui County Committee of Guizhou Province, the Minister of Publicity, deputy county magistrate, the Standing Committee of the Chi Shui Municipal Committee, the Deputy Mayor Zunyi Municipal Committee Secretary-General, Director of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of Renhuai Municipal Committee (Zheng County Changyuan), deputy mayor, agent mayor, mayor, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Renhuai Economic Development Zone, Guizhou, Director, Li Ping The Secretary of the County Party Committee, the Party Crafts Committee of the Liuping Economic Development Zone, Guizhou (also), member of the Party Working Committee of the Danish Health Industry Demonstration Zone, Guizhou Province, Deputy Secretary (Part), Deputy Director of the Management Committee (and), Guizhou Luo Secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Economic Development Zone (Part); December 2018, in February 2018, he served as the Party Secretary of the Southeastern State Archives (Archives) of Guizhou Province, Director (Curator); Since 2020, Guizhou Provincial Zunyi City Archives Secondary Controller. Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Tornado is heavy in the United States, there are still more than 100 people who are missing Biden will go to the disaster area.

Tornado is heavy in the United States, there are still more than 100 people who are missing Biden will go to the disaster area.

Original title: There are still more than 100 people who have lost more than 100 people after the tornado, and will go to the disaster area. The destruction of the tornado is heavy, and dozens of people have killed, and more than 100 people have missing. About 74 people were killed in the largest losses, at least 109 people were missing. The White House pointed out that US President Biden will travel to Kentucky.

  On December 12th, local time, after the Kentucky, the tornado, the local residential was damaged, a wolf borrowed.

In the central part of the United States, the tornado is invaded, and the 4th confirmed that some people were killed, and the disaster in Kentucky was most serious. According to reports, Biden told reporters on the 13th on the briefing meeting, "I intend to go to Kenji on Wednesday.

Over time, the impact of this disaster on human beings – the degree of loss – is becoming more and more obvious.

Biden is expected to travel to Mayfield and DawsonSonsprings. Emergency rescuers are now searching for thousands of damaged or destroyed housing products. Kentucky Governor Behir revealed that, as of now, in the confirmed deceased, the oldest 86 years old, the minimum is only 5 months. There are 6 people who are 18 years old. Behir is in the press conference, when it comes to the status of the state Hello, he also had 2 loved ones died of this tornado disaster.

  Chrissmile, the Mayor, West of Kentucky, said that about 75% of the communities in his small town were destroyed, and it was replaced by "a wolf borrow". Holding Samilla in the small town for many years: "This is the worst thing I have ever seen, everything is terrible.

"Report on December 13th, a devastating tornado attacked the Amazon warehouse in Edwards, Illinois, USA, in the evening of the 10th, causing 6 deaths, satellite images captured their destruction, warehouse was attracted before and after Comparing photos more shocking.

  At present, the post-disaster cleaning work has begun, but thousands of people are displaced, and the victims face basic temperature and clothing.

Given the power failure and winter weather conditions, Kentucky Governor Behiz is expected to face other challenges in the future.

He said that some of the stable rooms in the state may not meet the current needs. Dogzt, director of the Kentucky Emergency Management Office, said that after the disaster reconstruction, "will last for several years." The National Meteorological Bureau Storm Prediction Center said in addition to Kentucky, Arkansas, Yizhou, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee also reported a tornado from the same storm system. These states have suffered a lot of loss.

(Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The Extraordinary Plenary Session of the 19th National Party incentives Shouyang County Party Member Cadres

The Extraordinary Plenary Session of the 19th National Party incentives Shouyang County Party Member Cadres

Cohesion Consensus Enhanced Fighting By Surveying Successfully Creating the Future Shouyang County Administrative Approval Service Authority Party Member Cadres Concentrated Watching the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, 19th China Plenary Session, Press Conference, Huanghe News Net Jin Zhongxun (Zhang Lei Sun Kai Zhao Wen Yan) Party’s 19th The Plenary Session is an important historical moment of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. In the first hundred years of struggle in the party and the people, the first hundred years of struggle is completed, and the second hundred-year struggle for building socialist modern power is in an all-round way. A major historical juncture and a very important meeting.

In the past few days, the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session caused enthusiastic response from the cadres in Shouyang County, and the county is quickly settled in the spirit of learning and promoting the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China. Everyone has said that it will further conjugate the consensus, shaking the spirit, unless the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and build the "Twelve First County" to create a new journey to the new journey. Liu Fei, Secretary, Shouyang County Committee, said: "As a young group, I have to understand the essence of the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session, and deeply grasp the ‘three needs’ ” ‘of the Plenary.’ Keep in mind a ‘fundamental problem’ and ‘four must ", in response to the’ one call" proposed by the Party, do a good job in the new era under the leadership of the party, play the bridge link between the party to contact the young people, and strive to guide the life Yang County Youth is actively moving toward the party, with the party construction team construction, with the resolution of the party building, forming a good situation in the party group. " Our Poverty Alleviation Development Center continues to consolidate the expansion of the poverty achievements, adjust the optimization of the promotion, and strengthen anti-iodary and promotional monitoring, and promote rural infrastructure and public service construction, and promote rural infrastructure and public service construction. Continuous efforts, in the promotion of the people’s common prosperity of the county, and the maintenance of Shouyang Construction ‘, and the new chapter of the development of the "Twelve First". "Zhao Zhiguo, director of the Poverty Alleviation Development Center, Shouyang County, said. Meng Ruixian, a secretary of Xinyang Community Party, said: "As a community cadre, we must learn to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party. Community Party General Support and Grand Party Committee leads the role, integrating the resource, innovation methods, and enhance the linkage collaboration, let the people do good work, and do a good job for the people.

"Wang Six Fiction of the Total Secretary of Xiangyang Village Party:" I firmly believe that under the leadership of the Great Chinese Communist Party, realize the revitalization of rural villages, common prosperity, one can not be less, one will not be less.

In the future, we have to learn to implement the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China.

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The big show looks at Beijing Good Drama in the Hall: More than 400 years of paint grooms, new charm

The big show looks at Beijing Good Drama in the Hall: More than 400 years of paint grooms, new charm

The performance gathered in the excellent middle and young people of Beijing Performing Arts Group, and the new interpretation of traditional classics. Youth strike music player Song Yibo, Meng Xianying, Flute Player Gao Xiang, Mountain Shaanxi Song Wang Du Peng, Youth Peking Opera Actor, Mei School Zheng Wei, Guzheng Player Song Yu, Dao Yue Player Gao Xiang, Acrobatic Actor Zhao Liwen, Li Shuanglong , Trichogist Cao Kai, Team Actor Cao Kai, Youth Middle Active Li Yuhan, Beijing National Orchestra Holiday Interior Music Portfolio, etc. Peking Opera and Music "Gui Wei Drun", the people’s name "Spring River Flower Night", acrobatics and folk music "New Ten-faced ambush", trumper and Saxi "Summer Palace", acrobatics and folk music "falling jade", instrumental ensemble "Qingyun Hutong, Erhu and the Band "New Racing" and other wonderful programs.

The musical instrument production display area is located in the Pigment Hall Court, classic silk bamboo musical instruments are like historical witnesses, lead the audience through the time tunnel, taste the beauty of Chinese culture. The master was produced on the spot, and the middle and middle, attracted the audience to stop.

Available in the Cultural Solid Innovation Development Vitality Club Concentrated Regional Characteristics, it is an important part of ancient capital and Beijing-flavor culture. In August of this year, when Cai Qi Shuji was investigated in front door, "To protect historical culture, strengthen cultural relics historical history, Hutong, Siheyuan, the clubhouse, etc.

Dongcheng District actively promotes the site of protection and utilization of the housing, adhering to the unity of marketization operations and cultural benefits. By actively injection of cultural service functions, the radiation will drive the people around the citizens, actively introduce specialized operations, continue to stimulate cultural supply vitality, and achieve sustainable development . At the same time, combined with the urban construction of the international consumer center, driving the development of the performance industry, giving birth to the new form of cultural performances, and form a new new consumption in attracting the citizens, and strive to achieve economic benefits and social benefits. With the cultural blueprint of Dongcheng District "One Ax, Two District, Five City, Wulong", "The City of Drama" "The City of Book", "The City" of "Non-Host City" has made phased results, "Museum City "The construction of" City of Chinese Medicine "is also effective. At the same time, the performance of the hall is also an important part of the "central axis" series cultural activities. Through the innovation of the cultural form, the Chinese-axis charm, promoting "Ancient Sales Protection", building "Cultural Dongcheng", and build an important display window of Chinese culture. It is reported that Dongcheng District will further expand the activation utilization channel of the living site, let the historic buildings represented by the hall, launch more calls, spread, remember the classic works, promote the cultural consumption of new scenes to activate tradition Historical blocks, create a new cultural new landmark of history and culture and modern fashion. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.