New Dragon Boat Festival in various parks in Shenzhen

New Dragon Boat Festival in various parks in Shenzhen

Original title: More than 1,200 parks in the newly welcome Dragon Boat Festival in the parks in Shenzhen are good places for holiday leisure. Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Reporter Li Zhongshi where to play during the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday? On June 1, the reporter learned from the Shenzhen Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, you can go to the newly opened Pingshan District Children’s Park to watch the children’s musicals in the park culture season. Serve.

  This year’s Dragon Boat Festival Holiday is about Children’s Day. During the holidays, there are children in Shenzhen Park. From June 1st to 4th, four consecutive days in the Garden Expo Garden Paradise Theater, four consecutive days, brought world classic children’s dramas such as "Little Mermaid Alle" and "Underwater Mobilization". According to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, this musical is displayed in the form of online live broadcast. Interested citizens can open the "Beautiful Shenzhen" WeChat public account to watch the live broadcast.

  On May 31st, the city’s first district -level specialty park -Pingshan Children’s Park opened a guest, and Shenzhen added a baby treasure land.

There are four theme areas of natural classrooms, jungle adventure areas, exploration of archeological areas, and mountains and forest valleys in the park.

During this Dragon Boat Festival, parents can bring their children to "taste new".

  According to statistics, two levels of urban areas have built more than 60 children’s recreational venues in existing parks. The on -site use of waste tires, environmentally friendly wood and other materials to reasonably set up sand pools, slides, autumn thousands, seesaw and other equipment or facilities that conform to the characteristics of children’s psychology and activity to create a sufficient space for children’s friendly outdoor activities. Recently, the Municipal Park Management Center has launched new services such as "Travel Meteorology" travel guidelines, direct drinking water, and parks of parks. According to reports, the "Travel Meteorological Connect" travel guide was created by the Municipal Park Management Center and the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau. Citizens logged in to the "Beautiful Shenzhen" WeChat public account convenience service section or "Shenzhen Weather" WeChat public account and Shenzhen Weather APP. Item service.

At present, the "Shenzhen Ten Peak" mountaineering forecast service, the 13 mountains and coastal areas of the city, and the hot outdoor activities of the popular outdoor activities in the city, which is convenient for citizens to inquire about the destination’s generous situation and provide guidelines for citizens.

  Shenzhen Bay Park is added 10 direct drinking water in Mangroves, Bird Watching Area, Haiyun Park, Bailu Park, Beiwan Lugang, Dashakou, Bending Moon Plaza, Sunrise Theater, Wedding Park and Sports Park Points to effectively meet the needs of citizens and tourists. In order to make the park services more convenient and more beneficial to the people, recently, Shenzhen Bay Park, Lianhua Mountain Park, Park Expo Park, Children’s Park, and Children’s Park opened the "Parks, everyone discussed" services, and places with more traffic in the park and exit in the park Set up a QR code, citizens can enter the park’s message mailbox to make the voice of citizens a "navigator" on the road of park construction.

  The urban management department reminds that the weather in Shenzhen is getting hotter and the natural ecological conditions of Shenzhen are superior. Nature is also a home of various types of snakes and insects. Many citizens can "get" with various types of insects and even snakes when camping in the park. Some areas of the park are not suitable for camping. Please set up tents in the tent area designated by the park. Do not close the snakes such as grass, water or river beach frequently, and spray mosquito repellent liquids to take the initiative to take anti -mosquito measures.

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