Three sectors: Further do a good truck ETC distribution service

Three sectors: Further do a good truck ETC distribution service

Three sectors: Further good truck ETC distribution service work Published: 2021-11-1716: 05 Wednesday Source: People’s Network People’s Network Beijing November 17th (Reporter Wang Liangxiang) According to the official website of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport The People’s Bank of China, the Silver Bank of China jointly released notice on further doing truck ETC issuance services. Notice pointed out that as of the end of September 2021, the average usage rate of the whole network has exceeded 66%, and the highway network of highway has greatly improved, and the logistics has increased significantly.

Especially since 2021, the ETC usage rate of trucks has continued to increase, and more and more trucks have enjoyed the ETC convenient service and toll-free preferential policy dividends, voluntarily installed and used ETC enthusiasm and will continue to improve.

However, there are still problems such as Truck ETC. In order to further do the relevant work of the truck ETC issuance, the notice proposes five work requirements.

One is to strengthen financial support services. While continuing existing ETC financial services, commercial banks are supported by the Risk Controllable and Marketing Principle for Truck ETC credit card business, which is used to pay trucks through ETC. Support commercial banks to launch a variety of products and services such as small loans, bank account previvities, optimize business processes, and provide more choices for truck users. The second is to support multi-channel services. Encourage conditions for conditions, optimize the improvement of relevant policies, guide the freight logistics enterprises, automobile sales enterprises and freight platform enterprises, and provide guarantees for the trucks.

Support guarantee companies and other institutions provide guarantees such as guarantees to help trucks for ETC.

The third is to effectively prevent financial institutions and other risks. For users who do not have credit conditions, commercial banks can set up financial risks such as ETC payment payment margin, prevention of mats, etc. Through the information sharing between institutions and departments, promptly remind owed users to pay relevant expenses; incorporate ETC arrears into the credit system, guide the freight logistics enterprises and truck drivers to operate in accordance with the law.

The fourth is to optimize the release of installation services.

Give full play to the positive role of the government and the market, strengthen the APP, applet, public account, service website container distribution service, and make it easy for users to use it.

On the basis of existing issuance service channels, organize strength in depth, village, gas station, 4S shop, automotive repair plant, parking lot, service area, site station, port, logistics park, goods distribution, over-limit detection station, etc. Location, providing users with on-site installation services, especially for easy-to-blocked motion toll stations, strengthen the on-site issuance, and effectively improve the ETC usage. The fifth is to expand multi-scenario-style services and benefits. All local transport authorities must urge the relevant units, strictly implement the basic preferential policies of the ETC vehicles than 5%, and there is no different basis for the ETC vehicles that pass the region. Encourage ETC issuance service agencies, toll road business management units, etc. provide more discounts and more ways for ETC users. Under multiplexing existing payment infrastructure conditions, increase application scenarios, expand service content, improve use, combined with integration , Discount, rebate, red envelopes, etc. to increase user welfare, attracting users voluntarily installing using ETC. Notice requirement, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, the People’s Bank, and the Silver Bank of China must always adhere to the people-centered, adhere to the user’s voluntary, service first, and standardize ETC issuance and service work, and must not violate the license plate false release. Forced trucks to install and use ETC through any way.

All units should strengthen supervision and guidance, resolutely investigate and deal with acts, chaos, etc., ensure that the ETC issuance service work is organized in order.

Editor in charge: Zhu Wei.