November 24, 2018

Florida Travels

Hey guys! I am finally getting around to posting a few photos from our trip to Florida that Chase and I took a few months back. We ended up spending two weeks in Fort Lauderdale and the last week we stayed in Miami.

Although Florida wasn't a place I ever really cared to visit, I am grateful we had the opportunity to make it out that way. Since Chase's aunt and uncle own a condo in Fort Lauderdale we decided to check it out and film for our YouTube channel. It was a long flight and in total took about 10 hours with a 3.5 hour layover in Chicago. Unfortunately we went in August when the humidity was super high and I sweating in places I've never sweat before...LOL. We're not use to that kind of humidity, so it was a shock to my body. Next time we take a trip to Florida we plan on going in the winter when hopefully the weather is a lot more comfortable.

Hanging out by the pool at the condo :-) 

Beach day - From the condo, it was a 5 min walk to the beach. I typically don't swim in the ocean (scared of the ocean... LOL!) but the water was extremely warm and totally worth it!

Checked out Jamba Juice for the first time since we don't have it in Canada. I really loved the La Vida Mocha smoothie -  We became regulars here very quick :-)

Got stuck in a heavy rainfall -  Definitely not prepared! Thankfully Uber came to the rescue.

Ate breakfast at this delicious French Bistro ( Rendez Vous Bakery & Bistro). The first day I ordered the crepes - portion size was very small but delicious. On our 2nd visit, I ended up ordering the Rendez-Vous breakfast, which consisted of a sandwich on a croissant with scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, tomatoes, and sausage. Very delicious and a decent portion size for the price.

Tried Cuban coffee for the first time!

Checked out Rhythm and Vine - Really loved the vibe and would definitely go back on a much busier night.


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