May 05, 2018

Mexico & Texas Travel Diary

Hey guys, I wanted to share a few photos from a recent trip that Chase and I took with his family to Mexico & Texas. If you guys have been keeping up on my blog posts you'll know that last year Chase's dad was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma cancer (brain tumor). The trip was a time for all of us to spend together as a family :-)

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It was really great to see the historic parts of old town Mazatlan. The streets are colorful and the architecture is simply stunning. They were renovating the streets and sidewalks in the area while we were there so lot's of construction going on, but we still got a chance to see a lot of the area. It's definitely a great city to wander around in and appreciate the art. There are many shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy.

~ The stunnig view from our Resort ~
El Cid Resort

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~ Walked along the Mazatlan Malecon ~

~ Drank fresh coconut juice for the 1st time!~

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The trip was awesome and most days we would lounge by the resort pool and go outside the resort to explore the city. Some evenings we would go outside the resort to check out the nightlife. The only downfall was the weather wasn't as hot as we expected. Even people at the resort said they were surprised how much colder and windier it was this time of year. Either way, it was a super fun trip and we met lots of cool people. We most likely won't be heading to Mexico anytime soon, but it's a trip we hope to take again in the near future. 

For the last part of our trip, we flew into Houston, TX. We then drove and stayed in San Antonio. Chase and I only spent two nights in San Antonio before heading to Austin to meet with Janna (@janndoan). During our time in San Antonio, we checked out the Alamo and Riverwalk. The main reason for our visit to Texas was so that we could take Chase's dad to drive and shoot tanks at in Uvalde, as a surprise. We knew it would be something he would be thrilled about. And it was definitely worth it!

~ Walked along the San Antonio River Walk ~

One of the best highlights of this trip for me was meeting Janna (@janndoan) for the first time. I still remember the excitment when I told  her I was visiting Texas. There was no way I would be visiting Texas and not meeting with her. She came and grabbed us from San Antonio and we spent two nights at her place in Austin. I was so happy to finally be able to meet her as we originally met via Iinstagram 2 years ago. It's truly incredible the kind of friendships you can build online. I'll be waiting for your visit to Canada, Janna :)

~ Night out in Austin, TX with blogger friends! ~


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