November 30, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide Under $100 - Beauty Edition



Happy Wednesday everyone! Today, I'm sharing my first gift guide for the Holiday Season, Beauty Edition. Last Christmas I did all my Christmas shopping last minute, so this year I decided that I would shop early and take advantage of all the awesome Black Friday deals. My Christmas shopping is pretty much done and I'm jumping for joy! Whoot whoot!!

A few of my current favourites that I've been using are listed below, along with an honest review of each. 

EOS - Body Lotion, $5.99
Ahh I just love the packaging on this lotion, and must say I'm a sucker for these sort of things. I love that the lotion isn't AT ALL greasy, and the scent is light and not overpowering. I use to be a lotion horde, but I now limit myself and only buy when I'm completely out. It's definitely a great everyday lotion, at a great price point!

NEST Fragrances  - Dahlia & Vines, $68
I'm all about sweeter scents and never been much into anything too florally. However, I realy love how well the scents blend together in this fragrance, which feature dewy daffodils, peony, and rose with the essence of garden vine. Will definitely be wearing it in the evening! 

Philosophy - Renewed Hope In A Jar Eye, $51
I think a good eye cream is super important, especially at night. This particular one is more budget friendly, compared to eye creams I've gotten in the past. After using it for a week, I found it helped with the dark circles under my eyes.  In terms of fine lines, I honestly think you need to give an eye cream at least 3-4 months before you see a difference. 

Philosophy - Ultimate Miracle Worker Night, $80 
Although I may be loyal to my current night cream, I occasionally like to try other brands. Again, I've only been using this night cream for a week, but what I love about it so far is how lightweight, yet hydrating it is, without being sticky on the skin. 

Bite Beauty Lipstick, $28
I always love receiving lipstick for a gift, and Bite Beauty has some of the best shades. My first time using this brand, and super impressed with the long wear time. I love that even for a matte lipstick it's not super drying.  The shades I'm currently using are Mascarpone & Almond. 






  1. You picked some wonder pieces for all of us. I live for my Philosophy face cleanser, it's so good. And last a long time.

    xo, Jackie

    1. Thanks Jackie! I've never tried the Philosophy face cleanser. I'll have to take ur word for it:-)

  2. These are some really great picks :)


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