January 02, 2015

Leather Leggings Styled with Faux Leather Stilettos

Leather leggings are one of those items that I never thought I'd wear/purchase. They use to remind me of 80's fashion, biker chick kind of style, but once I got a pair, they immediately became my go to everyday pants. Not only are they super sexy, but also super comfortable, and super versatile for fall/winter.

I got my first pair from Forever 21 - The Faux Leather Leggings. They are also available at many women's fashion stores such as Dynamite, H&M, or ASOS.

Believe it or not I got these black patent pumps from Walmart! They actually don't carry them anymore, but similar ones can be found at Blooming Dale's

Try looking for pointy faux leather stilettos, as it works well with leather leggings, giving them a much more classy/sexy look! 

I recently fell in love with the cross body purses and discovered this amazing find at Guess - Quilted Cross Body purse in black. Lovin' the Quilted Faux leather exterior - How perfect does it look with these pants!?

You'll definitely see me wearing this purse in a lot of my posts moving forward!

My next purchase is definitely the Ultra Wet Leggings look! Think I can pull them off?

Stay blissful! 



  1. You look stellar in these pants!!


  2. These are really hot pants! Great post and love these paired with the black patent stilettos!



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