Yangshi Village, Shanxi Ningwu County: Party Branch leads to cooperate

Yangshi Village, Shanxi Ningwu County: Party Branch leads to cooperate

This newspaper (Reporter Wang Liqiang) The little river beach that did not look at the past now became "treasure" in the hearts of people in the village.

High drifting racks here, Shandong’s big cherry settled here.

On July 20th, Ding Long, the first secretary of Yangfang Village, Ningwu County, told reporters that there is a 3 large shed, a greenhouse covers nearly 8 acres, and the bidding will start construction.

Yangshi Village is next to Ningwu County Yangfang Coal Mine. A 4th floor office building recorded the scenery of the past. In addition to dozens of households in the village, there are still 124 poor people in 394 households in the village, belonging to the overall poverty village.

"Two schools and one" study education, Ding Longguang played the advantages of the cadres of China and the establishment of the village party school, closely combined with village, and insisted on the problem-oriented activities.

35 party members in the village understand what, how to learn, what to do, how to do, especially 7 village party members and cadres do both learning episodes, more operational examples.

Xu Xinmin, secretary of the Village Party Branch, said: "The train runs quickly, with the headband.

Realism has a solid motivation, in order to win the trust of the village, the people can ignite the enthusiasm of poverty and get rich.

"Last year, the Village Party Branch took a table and prepared to establish an agricultural planting cooperative with poor households. For this new, the villagers hesitate to wait and see.

The "two committees" cadres self-funded funds will run the cooperative, try carrots.

Spring is still "the party members and the masses", and they have been carried in the autumn, there is no bystander. At the end of the year, the cooperatives issued a total of more than 200,000 labor costs, and the poor households participating in the labor have received more than 7,000 yuan, and the cooperatives themselves also accumulated 150,000 yuan. Ding Longguang said: "The two studies have enhance the ability of the grassroots party organization to drive the changes in the traditional concept of the masses.

"After a year of hood, this year’s cooperatives in Yangshi Village is more happy.

After opening spring, the small river beach has a total of 100 mu of land-growing white radishes, and has a new vegetable processing plant, built two large greenhouse vegetable sheds and 1 fruit tree shed. The old party members have also found a place to play the waste of heat, and they organized the health of the village of the village, and also as a mediation "and things".

In an interview, the reporter learned that now Many young people in Yangshi Village are actively submitted to the party application.

29-year-old Liang Jianqiang sells long-distance bus, returning to the village to plant greenhouse greenhouses. He said: "Although it is not a party member, I believe that now, according to party members, there is a risk to take responsibility, benefiting, and ultimately the dream.

(Editor: Li Ye, Xie Lei).

Three sectors: Further do a good truck ETC distribution service

Three sectors: Further do a good truck ETC distribution service

Three sectors: Further good truck ETC distribution service work Published: 2021-11-1716: 05 Wednesday Source: People’s Network People’s Network Beijing November 17th (Reporter Wang Liangxiang) According to the official website of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport The People’s Bank of China, the Silver Bank of China jointly released notice on further doing truck ETC issuance services. Notice pointed out that as of the end of September 2021, the average usage rate of the whole network has exceeded 66%, and the highway network of highway has greatly improved, and the logistics has increased significantly.

Especially since 2021, the ETC usage rate of trucks has continued to increase, and more and more trucks have enjoyed the ETC convenient service and toll-free preferential policy dividends, voluntarily installed and used ETC enthusiasm and will continue to improve.

However, there are still problems such as Truck ETC. In order to further do the relevant work of the truck ETC issuance, the notice proposes five work requirements.

One is to strengthen financial support services. While continuing existing ETC financial services, commercial banks are supported by the Risk Controllable and Marketing Principle for Truck ETC credit card business, which is used to pay trucks through ETC. Support commercial banks to launch a variety of products and services such as small loans, bank account previvities, optimize business processes, and provide more choices for truck users. The second is to support multi-channel services. Encourage conditions for conditions, optimize the improvement of relevant policies, guide the freight logistics enterprises, automobile sales enterprises and freight platform enterprises, and provide guarantees for the trucks.

Support guarantee companies and other institutions provide guarantees such as guarantees to help trucks for ETC.

The third is to effectively prevent financial institutions and other risks. For users who do not have credit conditions, commercial banks can set up financial risks such as ETC payment payment margin, prevention of mats, etc. Through the information sharing between institutions and departments, promptly remind owed users to pay relevant expenses; incorporate ETC arrears into the credit system, guide the freight logistics enterprises and truck drivers to operate in accordance with the law.

The fourth is to optimize the release of installation services.

Give full play to the positive role of the government and the market, strengthen the APP, applet, public account, service website container distribution service, and make it easy for users to use it.

On the basis of existing issuance service channels, organize strength in depth, village, gas station, 4S shop, automotive repair plant, parking lot, service area, site station, port, logistics park, goods distribution, over-limit detection station, etc. Location, providing users with on-site installation services, especially for easy-to-blocked motion toll stations, strengthen the on-site issuance, and effectively improve the ETC usage. The fifth is to expand multi-scenario-style services and benefits. All local transport authorities must urge the relevant units, strictly implement the basic preferential policies of the ETC vehicles than 5%, and there is no different basis for the ETC vehicles that pass the region. Encourage ETC issuance service agencies, toll road business management units, etc. provide more discounts and more ways for ETC users. Under multiplexing existing payment infrastructure conditions, increase application scenarios, expand service content, improve use, combined with integration , Discount, rebate, red envelopes, etc. to increase user welfare, attracting users voluntarily installing using ETC. Notice requirement, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, the People’s Bank, and the Silver Bank of China must always adhere to the people-centered, adhere to the user’s voluntary, service first, and standardize ETC issuance and service work, and must not violate the license plate false release. Forced trucks to install and use ETC through any way.

All units should strengthen supervision and guidance, resolutely investigate and deal with acts, chaos, etc., ensure that the ETC issuance service work is organized in order.

Editor in charge: Zhu Wei.

[China Network · Touched Hebei] said that the warm heart during the epidemic, can’t fall!

[China Network · Touched Hebei] said that the warm heart during the epidemic, can’t fall!

His self-funded funds have built shops and more than 1 million yuan of borrowings have not yet the fresh crown pneumonia epidemic, take the initiative to rent a house tenant to reduce rent for more than 30,000 yuan. I have sent condolences to each village road. He is "" China Network · Touched Hebei "2020 online character candidate free rent to help" warm house East "Liu Guangn take the initiative to resolve the merchants, the merchants have worried about the madness of Monu, Zhangzhou City, the Coconut maple cake shop in Mengcun Hui Autonomous County, the city, good hopic supermarket, etc. 11 The home rental house received information from Liu Chang, Liu Guang, Son, Eastern Liu Guang, Son: "In order to win the new crown pneumonia epidemic, I will reduce the pressure, my dad is negotiated today, I decided to give you two months of rent this year, for fighting The epidemic is cheering together! "" It’s so warm, it is simply in the snow! "Remaining an industry Coconut maple cake store owner Xiao Jing:" The passenger traffic in the weekly shop is relatively large, to prevent aggregation and infection, our first time response The government called temporarily suspend business.

But the shop is a day, and we have a loss of the day, and you are doing anxious.

Now, the landlord reduces the rent for us, so that we have no worries in the same anti- "Although he is older, he also wants to contribute Liu Guanggen for the anti-vulcancing.

"He not only retreated for two months, but also with two sons with two sons to send milk, fruit and other condolences for the county and Niu Jinzhuang Township. Goodwill does not divide the age of ordinary people Can create extraordinary movement.

Windows 10 21H2 Update on-line. Er zijn twee methoden om pre-empt te verkrijgen

Windows 10 21H2 Update on-line. Er zijn twee methoden om pre-empt te verkrijgen

Na het ontvangen van de offici?le release van Windows11, maakt Microsoft ook deel uit van de energie die aan de gebruiker wordt overgedragen om op Windows10 21H2 Stable Release-incrementele updates te duwen.

Hoewel het in november 10, 2021 op de lijn staat, maar in overeenstemming met de druk op een batchprogramma, kan een deel van de oude Windows10-gebruikers lang wachten.

Als u sneller wilt en Windows1021H2-update wilt ontvangen, kan dit verwijzen naar de upgradegeleider WCCFTECH DELD.

(Figuur VIAWCCFTECH) Zoals gewoonlijk biedt Microsoft nog twee manieren om Windows1021H2-update te verkrijgen: ● Gebruik update-assistent (updateassistant) ● via de Media Creation Tools (MediaCreationTool) Download en open de bijgewerkte AIDE, Windows10-gebruikers kunnen eenvoudig op een paar keer bij de stap staan , het kan automatisch worden bijgewerkt in november 2021.

Gegevens voor (alleen voor referentie) Een andere manier is via de Media Creation-tool om ISO-installatie-CD (of USB-gebaseerde verwijderbare opslagmedia) te maken, natuurlijk, u kunt er ook voor kiezen om deze pc onmiddellijk bij te werken. Na ontvangst van de licentie downloadt het gereedschap Media Creation in overeenstemming met gebruikersselectie het installatiebestand van de cloudcache en genereert u het vereiste ISO-image, waardoor de installatie opstartschijf of USB-opslagruimte wordt gemaakt.

Als het niet inheems is om te upgraden, vraagt ??Media Creation Tool u om de bijbehorende taalversies te selecteren, evenals pc-architectuur (32-bits x86, 64-bit of x64).

Nadat u de opties en paden hebt opgegeven, moet u mogelijk een paar uur wachten.

Zodra u hebt gemaakt, kunt u proberen een ISO-imago of een opstartschijf te verbranden om via USB-mobiel te installeren, Windows1021H2 op een ander apparaat bij te werken of een schone installatie uit te voeren.

[Bron:] Editor: KJ005.

The country’s largest nitric acid production device of Shaanxi Drum Power Control is built into production

The country’s largest nitric acid production device of Shaanxi Drum Power Control is built into production

Original title: The country’s largest nitric acid production unit of Shaanxi Drum Power Co., Ltd. (Reporter Shen Qian) June 5, the reporter learned from Xi’an Shaanxi Drum Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Dynamics): by the company Chongqing Huafeng Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Huafeng) produced 360,000 tons of nitric acid production unit, which was completed and successfully put into operation.

The nitric acid production device is currently the largest nitric acid production device in my country. Chongqing Huafeng annual output of 360,000 tons of nitric acid "four-in-one" steam turbine unit was manufactured by Shaanxi Dynamics, the production device design and production capacity is 1200 tons per day; the production process is the most advanced double pressure in the world. Law.

This method can achieve low energy consumption, high ammonia, high product nitric acid concentration, fully meet environmental requirements. It is reported that more than 130 sets of "three-in-one" "four-in-one", "three-in-one", "four-in-one" integrated apparatus, have been produced in the field of nitric acid chemical industry in recent years. Aiming at energy-saving and environmental protection and large-scale development demand in nitric acid industry, Shaanxi Dynasties Self-innovative "Double Pressure Method Nitric Acids" has sold 117 sets at home and abroad; at the same time, Shaanxi Dynasties is in the nitric acid The package project has reached 24 sets, providing domestic and foreign users with all process system programs and system services from synthetic ammonia to nitric acid and nitrofurium, which have strongly promoted the green development of the global nitric acid chemical industry.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).

Sichuan Guanghan: Light Youth World and Bustic Street Area

Sichuan Guanghan: Light Youth World and Bustic Street Area

"This park is pretty, walking here is very comfortable! Nowadays, the current Guanghan is getting more and more beautiful!" On the evening of the winter, three or two two or two men in the Guanghan Lion Wetland Park in Sichuan Province leisurely wandered, and the children in the park Ms. Li, who is playing, said.

In recent years, Guanghan City has adhered to the concept of ecological civilization, relying on the park, square, along the banks along the banks, etc., build a beautiful light-lighted project, and build a garden city of blue-green interleaving, waterchens, people and natural harmonious symbiosis. The Lion Wetland Park is located in the north bank of the duck, integrated landscaping and ecological water system, forming the ecological environment of "human water relatives, city and water", and becoming one of the local people who loves to play in Guanghan.

The Lion Wetland Park Lighting Project is all energy-saving, efficient, long-service LED light source, color matching according to the wetland park and trees, the park area uses lake water blue, green light, yellow light, and is equipped with music system, creating out Shanshui Tianyuan feels.

In addition, the brilliance projects on both sides of the River, create a beautiful landscape with the generals and warmth, the traditional and modern mysteries, the lights and water views.

River embankment light uses the lighting wireless intelligent control system, which can implement wireless remote control for all node areas. Unattended to achieve various modes, and can implement mobile phone APP control, maximize human cost and operation and maintenance costs. .

In order to further enhance the citizens’ night cultural life this year, Guanghan also launched the night lighting improvement project of the Fanghu Park, put the park as a dream, showing the Tang Dynasty garden style.

At the beginning of October, the Fanghu Park once again launched the transformation, putting high-tech lighting, projection, water mist and other equipment.

"This light is upgraded, we have created a lot of nodes on the basis of ‘Route Lake Night Moon’, except for the ‘Cai Yun Moon’, there is ‘Time Tunnel’ of ‘Trimming Nine Traduate’, and guaranteed Culture Art League.

We use the light as a pen, shadow as ink, make this classic garden beauty, let the public feel the shock of light and shadow, and also enhance a grade for our views of our Guanghan Fanghu.

"The deputy director of the Fanghu Park Management said. On November 20th, Jinghu Tourism Standardization Assessment Committee organized the assessment assessment, Guanghan Fanghu Scenic Area officially upgraded to the national 3A-level tourist attraction.

Liu Yongjie, deputy director of the Guanghan Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, said to enhance the lighting project of the Harbor Park, aimed at inheriting and continuing the history and cultural heritage of Guanghan. The happiness of the public is further enhanced. "Beautiful light and shadow world, not only pleasingly pleasing, and also driven a city’s night economy.

In the Guanghan Ginza Commercial Center, the red block, more than 100 stalls, and a considerable part of the doctrine is the laid-off recipient, college entrepreneur and disabled.

In recent years, Guanghan has adopted a variety of forms and means to promote economic development, creating a nightly cultural atmosphere that is happy and healthy.

Behind the hot night consumption, the new business vitality is constantly being stimulated, "Night Economy" is becoming a new engine in Guanghan to enhance urban vitality. (Hu Jifeng’s Red).

The peak forest farm held the "National Civilized Unit" unveiling ceremony

The peak forest farm held the "National Civilized Unit" unveiling ceremony

"National Civilization Unit" officially unveiled. People’s Daily Nian Wang Gong Xiaoyin People’s Network Nanning November 12th (Wang Gongxiao) On November 12, Guangxi State-owned peak forest farm held a "national civilized unit" unveiling ceremony. The relevant leaders of the Director of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the relevant leaders of the Autonomous Region Forestry Administration, the leaders of the peak forest scene leaders, the deputy leading cadres, the deputy department level or above, and some grassroots unit employee representatives participate in the unveiling ceremony.

It is reported that since the national civilized unit has increased, the economic operation of the peak forest field has increased, the quality of the income of the forest park has been significantly improved. The construction operation of the forest park has led the development, the land development and utilization is obvious, "a product" construction results show, people’s livelihood and Cultural construction is continuously improved, party building promotes production, the party’s construction is remarkable, and the spirit of the whole cadres and workers are new, and the homagence and happiness of the staff are constantly enhanced.

According to reports, "National Civilization Unit" was officially unveiled, the peak forest farm will focus on three work: First, it is committed to highlighting the peak social responsibility.

Summarizing the experience and practices, continuously enlargement of the "National Civilized Unit" brand effect, in the construction of the spiritual civilization, in the top of the topic, provide exchange learning for all walks of life, all units, and strive to improve service awareness and service quality, for society Contributing peak power.

Urges the Japanese side to be cautious in Taiwan issues

Urges the Japanese side to be cautious in Taiwan issues

  This newspaper Beijing August 22 (Reporter Wang Ping) According to reports, the Japanese Self-Division plans to organize the so-called "safe dialogue" in the Taiwan Democracy Administration.

In this regard, the National Term Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang 20-day advice, the Japanese government and the relevant person have issued a series of wrong remarks on the Taiwan issue, and we have resolutely opposed this.We urge the Japanese side to reflect on history, immediately correct mistakes, and abide by the actual actions to abide by the spirit of China’s principles and China and Japan, in Taiwan’s questions, they are young and stop all talks.

The Democratic Government deliberately loses external forces to make "unique" provocation and failure.

(Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Sharing let more people see.

Warfare the storm snow Heilongjiang Province fire rescue team to launch emergency rescue

Warfare the storm snow Heilongjiang Province fire rescue team to launch emergency rescue

As of 7:00, the province’s fire rescue team dispatched 931 arms, 211 fire-fighting vehicles, 115 low-temperature rain and snow-free disasters in the night.Among them, 46 turns of the transformer (电闸 箱), 3 disposal of traffic accidents, participated in 61 road clears, and carry out 5 love people to help people.

A total of 2 rescued people, 5 free-crossed vehicles, 159 road block points, 3 less than more than 100 kilometers of ice, inspection, and 499 inverted trees.

Give full play to the emergency rescue team "The cold wind blows, the ice and snow is not collapsed, the cold is not going" is practiced "to practice" loyalty to the party ", discipline is strict, and go to the fire, dedication to the people"Important training requirements and solemn commitment to enter the team’s oath.

XI Jinping woonde de 14e top bij van de 20e raadsleiders

XI Jinping woonde de 14e top bij van de 20e raadsleiders

President Xi Jinping hield op de 29e een ontmoeting met ons president Trump.

De hoofden van de twee landen hebben de fundamentele kwesties van Sino-Amerikaanse relaties ondergaan, en de huidige Sino-Amerikaanse economische en handelsfrieven en gezamenlijke uitwisselingen van internationale en regionale kwesties zijn diepgaand. Het is gericht op de ontwikkeling van de relatie tussen de Twee landen, stemt ermee in om co?rdinatie, samenwerking en stabiliseer Sino – Amerikaanse relaties van de toon te bevorderen. De president Xi Jinping ontmoette Duitse premier Merkel op de 28e van Osaka. De twee partijen wisselden ook de opvattingen over de Iraanse nucleaire en andere kwesties uit, alduatief geloven dat vasthoudt aan het Iraanse nucleaire probleem, zich houden aan de kwestie van vreedzame resolutie en vermijd verder een upgrade van spanningen.

De president Xi Jinping woonde het lokale Russisch-afgedrukte leiderschap bij op de 28e, met Russische president Poetin, premier, India, in de huidige internationale situatie, grote internationale en regionale kwesties en drie partijen samenwerking in diepte. De leiders van de drie koninkrijk dragen unaniem bij aan het voortdurende onderhoud, met behulp van goed, ontwikkelende mechanismen voor China en Russisch-printen, en grotere bijdragen aan de bevordering van regionale en wereldvrede, stabiliteit en welvaart.

President Xi Jinping bezocht de Franse president Markon in Osaka op de 29e.

Markon zei dat president Xi Jinping de relatie tussen de politieke, economische en geesteswetenschappen van Frankrijk in maart van dit jaar sterk heeft gepromoveerd. De veertiende top van de 20e nationale groepsleiders bleef Japan op de 29e vasthouden.

Bij het bespreken van de inclusieve ontwikkeling van inclusieve ontwikkeling wees Xi Jinping erop dat China overeengekomen met hoge kwaliteitsinfrastructuurconstructie als een belangrijke start van inclusieve ontwikkeling.

Op uitnodiging van de Japanse premier, ABE uitgenodigd, China President Xi Jinping helemaal van 27 juni tot 29 juni om de veertiende top van de 20e groepsleiders bij te wonen. Standing in de wereld, waar te gaan, we zijn ervan overtuigd dat president Xi Jinping op de G20 Osaka-top is, er moet een nieuwe wijsheid, nieuwe kracht en nieuwe hoop zijn voor de bijdrage van China aan de wereld.

Op 28 juni werd de 14e top van de leiders van de 20e raad gehouden in Osaka, Japan, en de president Xi Jinping woonde en gaf een belangrijke toespraak met het getiteld "samenwerken en samenwerken om een ??hoogwaardige wereldeconomie te cre?ren". "Xi Jinping heeft levendige metaforen gebruikt in de speech van de L. G20, voor de ontwikkeling van de wereldeconomie, toewijding aan een goede fortificatie. [Leren wordt uitgevoerd] Op 28 juni was de president Xi Jinping in de 20e raadsleider. Bij de secundaire top geeft de subpiek een belangrijke toespraak met het getiteld "samenwerken en samenwerken om een ??hoogwaardige wereldeconomie te cre?ren".

"We moeten de objectieve wet respecteren" "We moeten de ontwikkeling en de grote trend begrijpen" "We willen een gemeenschappelijke toekomst zijn", het antwoord van Xi Jinping, beknopt, maar ook filosofie. Op 29 juni, na het einde van de 20e top van de leiders van de 20e groep, hielden de leiders in Osaka, Japan, president Xi Jinping terug naar Beijing.

Ding XuExiang, lid van het politieke bureau van het CPC-Comité, secretaris van het Centraal Comité, directeur van het Centraal-Generaal Kantoor, lid van het CPC-Comité, plaatsvervangend premier van de Staatsraad, lid van het CPC Central Committee, Director Van Centrale Buitenlandse Zaken Werkcommissie, Yang Jiechi, Staatsraad Secretary Wang Yi, vice-voorzitter van het Nationaal Comité van de Politieke Consferentie van het Chinese volk, Ren Lifeng, de National Development and Reform Commission, enz.

President Xi Jinping ontmoette Franse president Marcro in Osaka op 29e. Op 29 juni kwam president Xi Jinping met de Franse president Marcro in Osaka. Op 29 juni kwam president Xi Jinping met de Franse president Marcro in Osaka.